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英中旅在英国旅游界积累了广泛本土资源,与各供应商建立了良好的合作关系,一切宗旨在于为您提供最好的服务。 CTS Horizons has accumulated a broad image of local resources and established excellent cooperation and relationships with suppliers. Our aim is to provide the best service possible to you.

        英中旅作为一个在英国成立了近30年的企业,与英国当地重要旅游相关部门保持着良好的合作关系。为了更好的整合当地资源、不断发现英国的新亮点,英中旅加入了英国旅游局(VisitBritain)、英国入境协会(UKInbound),紧随最前沿的中英旅游行情和资讯。同时为了更多的有针对性扩大业务,英中旅还和欧洲入境协会(European Tourism Association)和英国游学协会(British Educational Travel Association)保持着良好的联系。除此之外,英中旅还是英国中资企业协会(China Enterprises Association in Britain)、英中贸易协会(China-Britain Business Council)的会员,英中旅已经不单单是一家仅为大家提供服务的旅行社,更是商贸团在英搭建新合作的一座有效桥梁。

CTS Horizons has been an established enterprise in the United Kingdom for nearly 30 years, maintaining great service and cooperation with local tourism businesses and organisations. At the same time we have been focusing on increasing the scale of our business ensuring good relationships with the European Tourism Association and the British Educational Travel Association. 

In addition to this, CTS Horizons is a member of both the China Enterprises Association in Britain and the China-Britain Business Council. CTS Horizons is not just a travel company but is also part of a wider business cooperation.

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