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(英国)中国旅行社有限公司 入境业务介绍

         英国中国旅行社有限公司,简称英中旅(CTS Horizons),为英国优质品牌旅游企业之一,成立于1986年,系香港中旅集团(China Travel Service Hong Kong Limited (CTSHK))在英国的海外分社。多年来公司秉承以顾客为本,专业精致服务的宗旨不断扩大业务范围,并与国内各省旅游局积极开展合作,专接待高端商务团组,目前主要涉及入境游、出境游、MICE以及培训等业务。
         英中旅作为一个业界的资深元老,由具有20多年经验的行业精英领导,团队由有16年以上专业操作经验的本土雇员及留英学成的新生力量军组成。公司多元化的背景使得我们对东西方文化有深度的了解,更有利于我们对当地资源进行合理调配以满足顾客的需求。英中旅拥有旅游专业资质,包括国际旅游资质证书ABTA, 英国民航局ATOL,同时还是国际航空运输协会IATA的会员。

CTS Horizons Introduction

CTS Horizons is the trading name of China Travel Service (UK) Ltd., which is part of the CTS Group, the world's leading specialist in travel to and from China. Since its operation started in 1986, we have gained a reputation based upon the exceptional quality of our tours, the personal service we offer to our clients and the imaginative approach we take in planning our itineraries.  At present, we are actively cooperating with Chinese local tourism offices, and specialise in cooperating with high-end business teams. The main business scope of CTS Horizons includes Outbound, Inbound and MICE & Training. 
Our UK team consists of professional travel experts who have been working in the travel industry for more than 16 years, alongside newly graduated overseas Chinese students. The multicultural background of the company enables us to have an in-depth understanding of both western and eastern culture, which allows us to make the most of the local resources to satisfy our clients' needs. As a reputable experienced travel company, we are also a member of ABTA, ATOL and IATA. 
Our accreditations, diverse and multi-tier services and professional teams enables CTS Horizons to provide our clients with exceptional service and unique travel experiences.  


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